J. Brown Productions

Welcome, This is the online home of my production company.  I started as a Podcaster, I currently have three titles that I host, Talking All Out War, The Strat-O-Matic Podcast, and The Star Wars Legion Podcast.  I have returned to school to turn my hobby into a degree and along the way, I found a passion for film creation I didn’t know that I had.  I have made a couple of shorts with friends, but this semester I am starting a documentary.

Over Spring break I was asked to film a World War II veteran doing a class at the Valdosta States Adult Learning Annex.  What I saw inspired me.  George Aigen is a WWII veteran with an amazing story that has to be told.  I will keep the AIGEN section of this page updated as I enter preproduction of this project.  I hope you will accompany me on this journey.

John Brown